Chicago Trolley and Double Decker Company

Web Design
UI/UX Design

The largest transportation company in the Midwest required an equally large digital presence. Chicago Trolley’s old digital properties were site poorly organized and difficult to navigate—especially for mobile users. Hatch developed a fresh platform for the client to allow it to increase ticket sales and provide a better user experience for customers.

Simplifying Offerings
The biggest challenge was creating a user interface and experience that made it simple for both a local Chicagoan or a visiting tourist to understand what the company offered. We realized that Chicago Trolley essentially had two “buckets” of tours: downtown “hop-on hop-off” tours and specialty tours. Each one of these also had different ticket tiers depending on length of ride. Simplifying the offerings and presenting them in a systematic way was the first step in making sure that the customer is able to find the experience they desire.

Ticket sales after launch were their highest ever.

New Paint
After testing the new user flow, we set out to give the site a fresh look. Taking inspiration from the client’s art-deco trolleys, we used bold red and black with gold flourishes ornamented throughout site pages. The typeface Modesto used in the headlines evoked retro sign painting, mimicking the font on sides of the trolleys. Paired with a modern sans serif for the body copy, the set created a much more legible reading experience to help customers find inspiration quickly, all while maintaining a unique brand.

Interactive Maps
A feature that was lacking in the previous design was the ability to easily update and present tour stops for Chicago Trolley’s 10+ tours and excursions. Tours can change daily pending city conditions, so we integrated an alert feature notifying customers of which routes had detours that can easily be managed by the company. The interactivity of the maps also allowed customers to explore what was nearby the trolley and double-decker stops, so they could plan their visit around desired restaurants, museums, and attractions.

Simple Mobile Experience
With 60% of internet traffic coming from mobile, Chicago Trolley and Double Decker Company needed a mobile experience that would allow people to find the right ticket quickly. The re-structured content allows for quicker conversions for customers searching the site on their phone, along with the ability to make transactions in a format that fits nicely on a mobile device.

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