Fair Shot for All

UI/UX Design
Content Creation
Social Media
Motion Graphics

Nine initiatives. One grassroots campaign. Hatch was enlisted to help build a social cause, centered around the digital experience, from the ground up. Whether it’s the logo, or the website, or everything in between, Fair Shot’s message has now been heard loud and clear.

Starting from Scratch
The logo needed to be a mark with attitude. Something with some grit. These are real issues affecting real families. The stamp-like feel prompted action and resonated with the grassroots nature of the non-profit. Next, we created posters, t-shirts, pins, and stickers to help spread the word.

10,000 people have signed on to be a part of the cause.

A Digital Hub
The Fair Shot website was created as a central hub to house and promote events, facts, presentations, and stories. The unique homepage walks users through a story that uses animation to show how Americans ended up in the current situation. Sign-up forms were seamlessly integrated to recruit new ambassadors, with tailored email campaigns to target different ambassadors with specific interests. Factoids were created in shareable formats to be able to spread digitally with just a simple click.

Building a (Social) Community
Social networks engage people. They bring different worlds together in a simple and inclusive way where people can share ideas and spark a dialog. Hatch was tasked with helping Fair Shot educate and mobilize the residents of Massachusetts, encouraging them to work together to reverse the growing income and wealth gap using a grassroots-style movement. In 2016, we launched multiple social channels for the non-profit and curated content—both original and sourced—to organically grow the Fair Shot online community.

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