Gateway Printing

Content Creation

Hatch130 was tasked with rebranding Gateway Printing. The updated branding needed to reaffirm the high quality print work produced by Gateway, as well as convey the industry expertise that the business is built upon.

Brand Positioning
The process of printing is a historic craft, dating back to ancient Egypt. As this art form has evolved over centuries, the techniques and types of printing have advanced alongside the newest technologies. The one aspect of printing that remains unchanged over time is the power and ability to effectively reach people and communicate a message.

The new mark is an homage to the craft's history.

Printing is still as much of an art form today as it was in the 15th century. The process remains an involved one, paying the utmost attention and care to the details of each piece of material coming off the press. A great design is only as good as how well it is reproduced, reflecting the intended vision.

We saw Gateway’s brand as an homage to that commitment to detail, process and craft. The brand should combine the classic process of printing with both cutting edge equipment and the access to digital press technology.

Design Rationale
Everything about the logo, icon, and type evokes a classic feel, while maintaining a modern sense of quality. The typeface chosen was Futura Bold, one of the most common fonts when printing became commercialized in the 50’s. It was one of only a few to choose from at the that time and reproduces well at different sizes. Using Futura Bold brings a feel of quality, tradition, ownership and optimism.

Stylizing the CO. as so serves as a nod to a popular trend of the time. The heavy stroke reflects the feel of the paper rolls and large printing presses.The ink drop icon can be used as a design element or in small areas, like page corners and social media profiles.

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