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The Massachusetts Society of Certified Public Accountants came to us looking for a way to communicate the value of a ‘real’ CPA to their consumers. We’re all aware that technology is playing more of a role in daily life than ever—we have automated checkouts, robot deliveries, and even digital doctors—so it can be hard to convince consumers of the value of using a real person over automated software when technology is just so damn convenient. 

Add that with the millennial trend of panic over face-to-face interaction and the dread of taxes, and we had our work cut out for us.

How could we effectively convince people to turn to other people for what they need?

Our answer was—to put it simply—people.

NO, Siri!
We decided to focus our campaign on the things that make people different from technology—all the little hallmarks of humanity that AI designers strive to hit and often miss, like emotional assurance, understanding, and personality, and show our message with simple pitfalls of day-to-day tech.

We did this through eye catching, bold motion graphics with a punchy, electric color scheme that stood out on newsfeeds and broke through the clutter. Our message carried familiar scenes of struggle with AI—a GPS hearing a destination wrong; car Bluetooth calling your Nana instead of Jana; speech-to-text disastrously mangling a message—all followed by a simple declaration: “it’s tough to depend on technology for everything.”

Back to the Basics
We were partly inspired by the way things were done in another time—when doctors came to your house for a visit, or when the corner store clerk knew your name and your favorite candy by heart—and all the assurance that came from having human relationships. When dealing with your finances, the last thing you want is software giving you an error message every time you try to change your marital status or rejecting a claim you know is valid. Having a real life CPA means avoiding these issues altogether—you’ll have a real person who can troubleshoot in real time with every nuance of your explanation.

The End Result
Our videos were clean and to the point—why deal with this, when you can have that? Our pitch “Real experts. Real results” echoed this simple approach. With a real person, you won’t have to worry about where you end up at the end, and you can rest assured that you had the best possible custom experience.

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