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Steward Health Care Network approached Hatch looking for a digital solution to not only change how its brand is regarded on the web, but also how patients access information from its hospitals. After determining Steward’s target audience and that audience’s behaviors, Hatch set out to create a scalable web experience for 35 hospitals that delivered the right information, to the right patient, on the right screen.

Easy and Efficient Information Access
“What are you looking for?” This one phrase is what the homepages across Steward’s corporate site and its nine hospital sites are based around. We designed our user-centric “dial pad” to find out what users are looking for and help lead them to that place quickly and easily.

140% Increase
in Mobile Use

Personalized Content Delivery
The web is getting smarter and more personalized every day. It’s time that the healthcare industry caught up to its more consumer-oriented counterparts to make digital advancements available to its patients. Hatch incorporated a personalization feature that learns a user’s behavior as they visit and return to a Steward site, serving up content that is relative to what they were looking for last time they visited, without them having to dig for it.

Custom Iconography System
Hatch developed a custom icon set for Steward to use as a visual language. Icons aid in both quick content understanding and the support of a brand from a visual recognition perspective when created from scratch. There icons are essential to a pleasant UX on small mobile devices, from which the majority of Steward’s audience consumes its content.

Search Engine Optimization
Steward tasked Hatch with implementing top SEO strategies to help content to be found quickly and more efficiently. Paired with strategically organizing and creating listings in all of the top search engines, patients are now able to find doctors and book appointments before they even arrive on the Steward website.

Impressive Return
In the first six months, all 10 unique websites presented an impressive return. On average, user visits increased by over 110%, bounce rates decreased by over 60%, and mobile traffic increased by almost 140%. Data-driven decisions guided this project to catapult Steward’s digital presence forward for it to become a true leader in digital experience for healthcare.

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