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When the Barnum Museum asked us to redesign their website, we were thrilled—P.T. Barnum was among the first and finest trailblazers in the advertising world, and it was a chance for us to dive headfirst into Bridgeport’s incredible history.

Showing the Showman
We wanted the site to reflect all the vibrancy and rich history of Barnum and the limited attractions the museum was currently offering. We also needed to show what it would be like once it recovered from the impact of multiple natural disasters (see: Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Irene, and the 2010 tornado) so we took a step back before diving in and met with the museum’s experience design firm, BRC Imagination Arts, who redesigned the Kennedy Space Center and Lincoln Library, for some ideas.

Our goal was to display all the facets of Barnum’s life in a clear, easy-to-navigate way.

So we overhauled the information architecture, adding an events calendar, interactive menus, and a collection archive, using slightly over-the-top, colorful displays to reflect Barnum’s verve and ingenuity.

Potential, Potential, Potential
It was difficult to figure out how to show all that the museum would be once they fully recovered while displaying their current availability. We didn’t want to overwhelm the site with pictures and videos of the museum in its heyday, but needed to reflect all its genuine future potential.

We pared the information down to a short biography on Barnum with an easy-to-read ‘Did You Know?’ section  and a teaser collection archive, as well as a ‘visit’ section and a page where guests could check on the museum’s recovery status.

The Greatest
Our grand finale—we completed the site just in time for the premiere of The Greatest Showman!


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