We’ve got some new badasses.

Hatch has grown exponentially in terms of our business in the last year, bringing on exciting new clients and expanding into hot new projects that have been challenging our team in the best ways. We’re so excited to introduce our newest team members and look forward to the success ahead!


Chris Edwards | Director of Analytics

Chris is is a 17-year Internet marketing veteran with experience in web design & development, search engine optimization, online marketing, social media marketing and mobile development. He specializes in Analytics and WordPress custom development and is very active in the WordPress Orlando community. Chris has held development and Internet marketing positions in some of Orlando’s top technology companies.


Nicki Ong | Director of SEO

Nicki has been working for over 9 years optimizing websites, blogging, and copywriting. She has a passion for understanding the deep dark secrets of Google, online marketing, and working to ensure clients have the best possible website out there. Nicki is a native of St. Augustine, FL, where she enjoys playing with her dogs, writing, and yoga.

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