Moving shop from South Norwalk to Bridgeport was a huge step for us, but we couldn’t be happier in our new neighborhood. Here’s why:

1. Bigger Pond
While SoNo is a great neighborhood in Norwalk, we fell in love with the urban-infused historical vibes of downtown Bridgeport. It’s a bigger city, with bigger buildings, and bigger happenings. There is an energy that comes from the motion of a city that is contagious.

2. Leaving our Mark
Bridgeport’s continually growing and developing the downtown creates huge opportunity for us. We get the chance to leave our Hatch signature here and build a strong connection with the community that is meaningful and not lost in a crowd of other agencies.

3. Deep Roots
We’re always learning something new about Bridegport — and there’s a lot to learn. Like how the city was home to P.T. Barnum and his world-famous circus. Or how our office was the old Court Exchange building, built in 1892, right across from the old town hall where Lincoln spoke in 1860. Bridgeport has a strong history, and we love listening to its story.

4. Good Eats
With spots like A’vuchella,Leisha’s Bakeria, Barnum Publick House, and Tiago’s (the list could go on and on), we have plenty of places to break for lunch or blow off steam at happy hour. Bridgeport’s roster is growing—Welcome, Can Tiin!—and we can’t wait to see what pops up next.

Stop by Tiago's for pizza or a burger
Stop by Tiago’s for pizza or a burger.

5. Architectural Wonders
The historical architecture of downtown Bridgeport is unrivaled. Mammoth-sized columns guard the many old bank buildings. Brownstone turrets adorn State and Main Street.  From victorian, to neoclassical, to art deco, Bridgeport covers just about every period with its impressive structures.

6. Killer Office Spaces
This one piggybacks on #5, but the spaces inside all of Bridgeport’s great architecture warrant a separate reason. Exposed brick, seasoned hardwood floors, and warehouse lofts are only a few of the many features these old buildings boast. Take it from us — there’s no better place to inspire ideas for creative shops and startups. Have you visited our space at Hatch yet? Come by!

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