Moving On Up (Or Down I-95)

As offices all across the country (and world) were shutting their doors while the pandemic continued on its warpath with no clear end in sight, we decided to custom-build a new one. We’re nothing if not risk takers!

Though we love the heart and soul of our former office in Bridgeport (and the blood, sweat, and bandaids it took to construct it ourselves), we were ready for the next chapter of Hatch 130. After all, we’re in an industry that honors the past while constantly pushing toward progression—just like us!

Going back to our founders’ roots, we returned to South Norwalk and began designing the office of our dreams in a space that could accommodate our growth. Continuing the industrial-yet-cozy vibe we’d become accustomed to, we knew some elements (like exposed brick, comfortable seating, accents of yellow, and, of course, our tap) needed to carry over, but what about the other one-hundred-and-thirty decisions we needed to make?

We felt like contestants on an HGTV show as we pored over paint colors, flooring, fixtures, and countertops. We now had a full kitchen—and actual doors!—to consider. So, we went old school and held daily votes within our dedicated Slack channel (we were still remote, after all). When you work for a company where no one pulls rank, majority rules.

Several months later we’ve now started coming back together as a team in a bright, open-concept office that also offers several meeting room options—again, with actual doors!—for group collaboration or moments of privacy. In addition, we now have an editing room, printer room (not just a closet that also houses our cleaning products), waiting areas for guests, and individual desks we can configure any which way we want.

After adding some functional furniture, an arcade game, touches of greenery, and custom art on the walls, we finally have a workspace that feels more like home.

And, if you look out either wall of windows flanking our high-tech conference room, you can even spot the blue waters of the Norwalk River flowing into the Long Island Sound. It’s constantly moving, adapting, and renewing—just like us.

Stop by and see it for yourself!


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