Top Super Bowl Ads of 2016

Between the wings, beers and football game, Super Bowl 50 had a killer lineup of creative ads. Here are our top 5 favorite spots that aired.

1 . “Defy Labels” — Mini Cooper

Why we liked it: First, this ad features Abby Wambach and we at Hatch are HUGE women’s soccer fans. But besides that, the ad falls at #1 for us because of its message—“Defy Labels.” The edgy and bold direction of the video encourages everyone can have a stake in this rallying cry.

2 . “Big Game 2016” — Northwell Health

Why we liked it:  With clients in the health care space, we found this local ad appealing because it provided a sense of security that you’re a part of the Northwell Family from your first day, with a team of doctors specialized for each step of your life journey. The inclusion of the first baby born in the health care system added a strong touch of brand authenticity.

3. “First Date” — Hyundai

Why we liked it: This was one of the funniest commercials of the night for us, particularly Scott, as a father of five with 3 daughters. Kevin Hart was the perfect personality to convey the roller coaster of emotions that run through the minds of all fathers with teenage daughters dating. We’re pretty sure we’re going to see a Hyundai Genesis in Scott’s driveway in about 3 more years.

4. “Strong is Beautiful” — Pantene Dad-Do

Why we liked it: The oh so familiar experience of a dad styling their daughters hair struck an emotional chord for us. The strong, unbreakable bond between a father and daughter, coupled with the empowering message to young girls that beauty is more than just physical attributes but strength that comes from within, made Pantene’s commercial one of our favorites.

5. “Commander”  –  Audi

Why we liked it: The well-paced, energetic arc and vibrant dualism in this Audi ad grabbed our attention from the moment the spot began to play. The strong multi-generational visual paired with the late David Bowie’s music is a reminder that we can always shoot for the moon when it concerns technology.

What were your favorite commercials?

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