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Owl Cyber Defense


As a growing cyber security company serving the U.S. government and some of the world’s largest industrial and commercial organizations, Owl Cyber Defense came to Hatch seeking a modernized brand and refreshed website that could resonate with its various customer personas. With a focus on off-site events and lead generation, Owl needed an identity that was strong enough to be trusted by critical establishments while also edgy enough to separate it from competitors in the space.

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We knew it was paramount that we develop a logo that reinforced the strength of Owl’s hardware-based security alongside well-grounded brand assets to represent the credibility of its foundation—a company defending the ranks of the U.S. military and the world’s energy infrastructure. We gathered twigs of inspiration from all of Owl’s attributes, creating a complete corporate brand system built to scale. We also emphasized the importance of humanizing the brand, moving away from the industry’s behind-the-screen, hacker-in-a-hoodie trend of fear-based marketing. 



In order to distance the brand from the typical (aka tired) styling of cyber security companies, we wanted to put Owl’s real people and products as the focal points of our photography. Too many times we see the market flooded with menacing imagery and technical graphics—think indistinguishable coding and glowing 1’s and 0’s. Though Owl’s hardware-enforced technology is elite, its consulting and customer support also differentiate it from the rest. And, of course, those services are delivered by living, breathing humans.


To help bring Owl’s hardware-enforced offerings to life, we used in-house 3D rendering to develop 360-degree images of its product lines. By having this capability, we were able to provide Owl with an efficient, cost-effective way to exhibit any product angle desired across print, digital, and video—without having to invest in time-consuming lighting displays and photo-retouching sessions.


As with nearly every business, redesigning Owl’s website was a major component in amping up marketing efforts. We built a custom site that we’ve been able to modify and scale according to growth over the past three years. It supports Owl’s full product suite, hosts an extensive resource library, and includes deep use-case and educational pages that explain the technology—with the added help of videos and motion graphics. Integrated with Pardot, we are able to constantly monitor user behavior so that we may better serve customers with regular additions of new tools and features.


Once we were able to establish a strong brand system for Owl, we were then tasked with helping to define and execute against a massive library of educational collateral. To date, we created hundreds of data sheets, diagrams, keynotes, and white papers to help arm Owl’s internal marketing team with the assets needed to better educate the market on unique product offerings.


Especially pre-pandemic, Owl’s networking and sales leads depended heavily on special events and tradeshows. We’ve completely redesigned their on-site presence at these with modular booths, bold messaging, and digital interactivity. We also designed fun “Lego” versions of their devices, as well as created eye-catching graphics for webinars, virtual conferences, and Owl-sponsored events such as “Cybeer Tech Talks.”

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