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Donut Crazy


Though it already had a piping-hot product, Donut Crazy lacked a memorable, strategic brand identity—plus an accurate digital representation of it—to support its growing business model. 

Branding & Messaging
Web Design & Development
Social Media Strategy & Content
Signage & Packaging

Our Approach

Craft a 360-degree brand identity to mimic the unique in-store experience (the wild and imaginative products, funky interiors, and Instagrammable moments) with a kick-ass, transactional website to match. By establishing strategic brand values, we were then able to build out a marketing plan and design that had meaning and purpose. 

Brand Building from the Ground Up

Created an iconic mark that would be recognizable anywhere – from stickers, to merch, packaging and more. Wanted to create an experience that people wanted to share. Everything was considered: from placement of art and signage for perfectly instagrammable moments, to the unique designs for coffee cups and donut boxes—we  wanted to create something that felt special whether it was brought to a board room or a little league game. This required us to rethink and complete go against what the big guys in the space were doing, because DC’s donuts are not you run of the mill treat.

Hand Drawn Chalk Illustrations to Support Menus

Building a Simple Ordering Experience

Alongside the website redesign, our biggest efforts were focused on another side of their business: catering. We created an easy-to-use order system for customers to be able to order custom donut cakes (in every imaginable flavor) and more. We sorted their product inventory to be completely customizable: by sizes, flavor, toppings, and even custom messaging. Customers are kept in the loop with exciting transaction emails with a personal touch.


Building a Brand for Social

Donut Crazy’s product is naturally built to be photographed (as they say, the camera eats first) however we wanted to take their social content a step further. Hatch helped to double Donut Crazy’s following, from 30K to 60K, while creating fun content that tied into their periodic promotions—whether that was videos for their Stranger Things themed donuts or event collaborations with local breweries.


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