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Documenting Client Communication

We’ve all experienced that sinking feeling when something goes wrong at work. Your first thought is usually something along the lines of: oh no, did I mess up? Here are a few simple steps I follow to avoid any of those dreaded he said/she said situations:

30 Days of Type

We’ve challenged ourselves to seek out creative typography in Bridgeport for the next 30 days! Check back daily on our Instagram to see the unique type we have found in our city. Want to join us? Tag pictures of your city with #30DaysOfType.

Top Super Bowl Ads of 2016

Between the wings, beers and football game, Super Bowl 50 had a killer lineup of creative ads. Here are our top 5 favorite spots that aired.

Why Uber’s New Branding has Mixed Reviews

Uber released its new branding on Tuesday, and has since left many people wanting more. The rebrand includes a new logo, updated colors and patterns based on cities, and a fresh direction for the ride-sharing company — one more open to expanded infrastructure. Uber has now left the door open for other services such as laundry, food delivery, and more. Here’s our take on the rebrand.

Hatch Opens in Bridgeport!

BRIDGEPORT, C.T. (July 27, 2015)

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