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After working together through another food and beverage client, seasoned restaurant entrepreneurs KiVango Enterprises approached Hatch with a brand design project. We got our hands dirty creating their new hot chicken franchise branding from scratch—just like the napkin-worthy food. From company purpose and brand voice, to logo, packaging, signage, merch, and advertising, we were responsible for all marketing assets surrounding the successful launch of their West Hartford eatery.

Web Design


Aside from its delectable menu, Birdcode’s performance hinged on creating and promoting its overall mission: being a brand with purpose. We worked closely with the owners to create a series of foundational brand pillars—their “code of ethics”—which then served as a litmus test for everything we did. From there, we were able to craft a memorable mark that is rooted in values and acts as their proud badge. We created a full ecosystem of brand marks and artwork to round out the entire customer experience—from social media and website, to walking through the door and seeing the menu, packaging, and apparel.

Sticking Our Neck Out

Part of creating an authentic brand experience was prioritizing how to stand out from the crowd of restaurants and food accounts on social media. The owners have a lot of experience in this market, which helped us move away from the boring (and sometimes even unappetizing) snaps of sad-looking food and instead head in a more modern direction. All graphics we created for social media, the app, and various marketing materials were fresh, eye-grabbing, and on-brand. From highlighting menu items to supporting recruitment, we wanted to create consistent and fun engagement.

Something to Cluck About

When it came to messaging, we wanted to thoughtfully shape Birdcode’s tone and voice. Using those foundational pillars as a stable base, we created a brand personality that was welcoming and inclusive, but also had an edgy twist of humor (after all, what’s more campy than farm talk?). And, with ethics and sustainability at Birdcode’s core, we wanted to be educational and earnest without being pretentious or preachy. Hot chick summer, anyone?

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